“We’re learning and finally accepting that the key to healthy beautiful hair is a healthy and beautiful scalp.  I am proud to be a part of the movement towards beauty and health from the inside-out.  It is important to me that professionals educate and coach their clients towards their most healthy selves.”

In an industry that is in constant change and growth it’s hard to stay current.  Unless you are Kimra Temima Ali who has managed to consistently deliver excellent products and impeccable service.  Evidenced by her 14 year career Kimra has a host of impressive titles including Licensed Natural Hair Specialist,  Licensed Natural Hair Educator, and Certified Hair Loss Practitioner.  This St. Thomas native has always appreciated nature, from early childhood she learned to seek out the goodness of this earth to enhance the goodness of natural beauty.

As a graduate from the United States Trichology Institute and certified by the American Medical Certification Association Kimra’s goal is to help as many people as possible who suffer from scalp disorders that cause hair loss.  The Advanced Hair Growth Clinic at The Hair Boutique is committed to solving this problem for it’s clients.  She host events to educate colleagues on identifying hair loss before it is no longer treatable.

The Clinic offers products and services that promote healthy scalp and hair.  With a private consultation area clients can feel comfortable discussing their needs.  Treatments are based on customized recommendations and are available for immediate use.  Kimra is an educator who not only treats hair loss but, prevention as well.

Kimra believes that everyone deserves the best, The Hair Boutique offers some of the best 100% Human Hair Extensions, clip ins and wigs along with well-known beauty brands and natural hair care.